Resolutions for 2011: Health and Photography

I realize there’s a certain level of futility to making New Year’s resolutions. It has probably been between five and ten years that I’ve continually resolved on December 31 to lose weight and get in shape the following year. Lest this year be an exception, I’ve resolved the same yet again.

There may be an advantage this year, however. I have the time to make it work. I’m working for myself, so although I’m still very busy, I make my own hours and decide how to spend my time. Even though the weather is unwelcoming to outdoor exercise, I will be starting a routine that will get me outside an active, running and walking. At the end of seven weeks, the plan dictates I will be ready to complete a 5K. That is my goal.

I’ll be tracking my progress using the RunKeeper Pro application on my phone. You may see my updates on social media linked to the application. I’ve already begun eating healthier, with more fruits and vegetables and less red meat (despite being treated to a dinner at The Melting Pot to celebrate my independence recently).

Another plan for the new year is to keep my apartment in better shape for entertaining company. I’m in the process of looking for a cleaning service, so if you have any recommendations, let me know.

In a few weeks, I’ll be starting a new photography class at the Arts Council of Princeton. Through this class and my goal to have two photography shoots a month, I will be working on building a portfolio of work. The shoots will most likely be like some of the others I’ve done, walking around Princeton or local parks. I won’t be advertising myself as a photographer, but I do plan on book a few paying gigs through friends for portraiture or event photography. If you’re interested, let me know!

I happened to find a great deal on a used Canon EOS 1D Mark III so my equipment is now more professional than I am — but I’m getting there.

New Year’s resolutions often receive a lot of criticism: Why wait until January 1? Why bother setting goals that almost no one ever meets and most people forget within 30 days? I think it’s always good to set aside time to self-evaluate, determine how you want to be a better person, and take some steps in that direction — even if you don’t make it all the way to your goal. Life is a process.

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